Sharing Light Through Kindness

fallseassonMuch has been said about kindness which is commonly defined as the state or act of being kind. Its most common definition is the act or tenderness and concern for others. Kindness has been the cornerstone of many philosophies and it is considered and encouraged in just about every religion. What exactly makes kindness so important and powerful? We know that we live in a universe which is naturally full of love and unconditional acceptance. When we are kind we are embracing this very nature.

Kindness is to be practiced without expectation of return, the same way that you are to give a present. However, we inhabit a magnificent universe operating under certain cosmic laws.

Based on these laws whatever we do, whatever energy we express to another being, at one point or another we will experience it back to us from those around us. How kind can we be with others though if we are not kind to ourselves? As with everything we must start within, kindness start with ourselves. That means making sure we are treating ourselves kindly, that we are nurturing our own soul. That includes eating well & healthy food, slowing down to relax when we need it, honoring ourselves. To be kind does not man to be like a doormat. Kindness involves respecting ourselves too, setting up clear and healthy boundaries, etc.

Spirit is loving and kind, aware and sensitive. Therefore when we are unkind whether to others or to ourselves, we are disconnected from Spirit. When we choose to be kind it can be a very transformational experience not just for us, but for all those around us. Mainly because we are connected to Spirit and allowing Spirit to connect through us! We can start with simple things. However, with kindness we can eliminate fear and replace it with love and confidence. Through kindness then we can become a great catalyst assisting in awakening Spirit in others.

We can raise our individual frequency with kindness touching those around us and creating a ripple effect. 

 At this time there are many areas in our community going through a period of need. There is distress and many people are in fear. Creating a great opportunity for sharing light through kindness, whether is through small simple acts of kindness or great ones. Many times a person will not remember your face, name, or what you do, but they will remember how you made them feel.

That thought may be enough to connect them to that energy even if just for a moment again. Let’s connect to Spirit, keep that connection and allow Spirit to connect through us.

Sharing our light and love through kindness we embrace our divine nature!



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