This section is created to share some of the films and videos I’ve found to bring something of interest or to be simply inspirational.

 La Belle Verte/The Green Beautiful

It’s a french film and thus has that witty kind of humor. It was released in 1996. However, is one of those that slips through the masses. It was practically banned in Europe including France by EU. Written and directed by Coline Serrau who acts as Mila in the film, and also wrote the background music. I find that shows an interesting perspective about ourselves that still applies today. It brings a powerful message about how disconnected we have become from nature and our roots. I enjoyed watching it a while back and was happy to see it in youtube.

Do you know about this? If you don’t know then is about time for you to know… This is one of the best simple, informative and objective lecture about this important topic.. our food.

GMO’s a very good documentary which covers the basics for understanding this topic.

The Eagle and the Condor … an Earth honoring point of view
“Imagine the genius of the human mind and the wisdom of the human heart combined” to balance the world!

The Eagle and the Condor from The Pachamama Alliance on Vimeo.